Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Toast @ the Wedding

Happy 4 years to my wonderful husband!! Dillon Kenwood Orr (Senior, now haha) you are the light of my life! I love you!!!

I found a few handwritten pages torn out of a notebook shortly after my dad died.  It was his toast he had written out to say at our rehearsal dinner and it sums up his and Dillon's relationship to a "T".  I was laughing hysterically, I remember it like yesterday.  I am so lucky that I found someone just as special and important to me as my Dad was--no one else could have ever filled the shoes I had in my expectations!!!...I couldn't ask for anything more out of a husband or a father than what Dillon shows me on a daily basis.  Our God is good and he knew you were meant for me!

Dad's Toast -- Rehearsal Dinner February 1st, 2008

"At an early age, she learned how to capture a mans heart-beginning with me.  At age 2, when I was relocating to Phoenix, I called home one night and asked to speak to (my then baby) Cara.  When she got on the phone, she brought me to tears.  'Daddy, I cried for you'...I just melted.  I've never forgot that moment.  Little did I know Cara was going to bring another man to his knees!

Cara loves to hug people--she completely and utterly disarms you with that move.  I've watched it many times in slow motion.  It's quite amazing.

She's enjoyed lots of victories.  But her most humbling defeat: The PCN Pom Pon squad.  The effort was there, but she just could't crack the line up.  So, then she moved into the college rank, with Camber and Cord-Ashely, Christy, Meggie, Lisa, Brooke, Evan, Amy, and many others as her devoted trainers she was ready for the BIG TIME.

I've spoken with Dillon's management team, Don & Loma, and they are fully behind Dillon for this....his TOP pick.  All the training, the hard works, the victories and the defeats all come down to this.

Signing Day is just about here.  And Dillon has picked Cara as his #1 draft pick.  As her principal agent, I have peddled Cara to several franchises *she had a lot of looks through high school, she was highly recruited, *She was courted by SAEs, Fijis, and Betas.  You know her pedigree was probably most appreciated by Dillon and she aligned well to eventually become his top pick.  She was born on OU-TX weekend in October 1984 so the ground work had been laid by the Lord's Divine Providence from day one.

I've cleaned out your locker and I know you're ready.  So it is with heart felt love that I assign your contract over to the Orr team. I love you both"